Are you looking for a super full day on the river that is just packed with fun, excitement and lots of exhilarating white-water? Raft Trip on the Tara River Winds its way through 18 fun filled kilometres of beautiful scenery and tumbling white-water on the most exciting rapids from Brstanovica to Scepan Polje.

For those who love adventure, excitement and direct contact with unspoiled nature, rafting on the Tara River is a memorable experience. The Tara river, the longest river in Montenegro, emerges from the confluence of rivers Verma and Opasnica. Then it meanders over a length of about 140 km through the highest mountain regions of Montenegro and cuts the longest and deepest canyon in Europe.

You will be picked up at your accommodation. Before we start with rafting, we will have a delicious country breakfast at Scepan Polje, located on the confluence of the Tara and Piva. Subsequently we will be driven by cross country vehicles to Brstanovica, the starting point of your rafting tour in Durmitor National Park.

Once we arrive there, you will be explained the safety regulations and then we can get started. For safety reasons, each passenger is obliged to wear a life jacket and a helmet. At around 18 km ride that lasts 2 to 3 hours, you pass 21 rapids until you arrive again in Scepan Polje. This shortest, but the most exciting part of the Tara canyon, has got the largest altitude difference between the point of depature and arrival. During the tour we will take a break at several places, so you can also take pictures of your adventure. Time for a swim in an idyllic waterfall is also provided. Tara ends in Piva River, as well as our adventure on this trip.

At the end of the rafting you will have a lunch of local specialties such as roast lamb or river trout.

Once you have satisfied all your senses, we go back to your hotel.

Duration 12 hours

price from 150,00 euros per vehicle

*price include vehicle with the driver

*rafting with meals cost 45,00 euros per person


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