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InTravel - Bay of Kotor

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Day tour to the southern most fjord of Europe and the opportunity to see the unique natural beauty of this bay and to get to know it’s history, culture and architecture.

This excursion includes panoramic drive by road to the bay and by boat across the bay. In the old town of captains, Perast, the best preserved baroque town in all of the Adriatic, visitors will see the cathedral of St.Nicola and on the island of Our Lady of the Rock, the church with same name since the 17 century. The walls and ceiling are covered with 68 canvases painted by Tripo Kokolj, one of the best known local baroque painters.

After the boat ride you can visit the Old City of Kotor which, apart from giving its name to the whole bay, is registered in the pages of World’s Treasury and under the protection of UNESCO. During your visit to the town you’ll see the cathedral of St.Trifun dating from the 12th century, Maritime Museum, numerous palaces, old squares and get to feel the atmosphere of this unique medieval town.

For the more energetic, the old walls of the city-fortification system of Kotor can be walked and are 4.5km long, 20m high and up to 15m wide; they remain an open challenge which can be visited later.

Duration 8-10hours

price from 100,00 euros per vehicle

*price include vehicle with the driver


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